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School Life

Home of the Sonlight Bay Light Brigade...

“Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” Psalm 90:12

Here at Sonlight Bay Christian Consortium, LLC, we have the opportunity to grow in the plan God has for each of us. Because of our relationship with Jesus Christ, we are called to be a reflection of His light. In answering that call, we bring life to our mascot by being His Light Bearers. Using our individual God-given gifts and talents to work together as one body, we form the Light Brigade. Our days are spent in: gaining and applying knowledge, fellowshipping with friends, and enjoying life as we do so. We’re laying a strong foundation cemented in God’s truth whether it be in Reading, Math, Science, History, or Enrichment so that He may bless and multiply it in us. Out of our love for Christ, we strive to praise and worship Him through the work of our hands. We desire to offer our best to Him because He first loved us enough to offer His Best for us. Because we are not perfect, hence our need for His saving grace, there’s always room for growth. We know that like Solomon, if we choose to seek Him first daily, all these things will be added unto us as He grows us in His wisdom. In doing so, this Light Brigade may shine brightly for His glory and be a blessing to others.